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Why Join Our Street Fleet?


Our drivers earn more per delivery than any other ride sharing or delivery service in America - on their own schedule.

2. Be your own boss;
    Make Your Own Hours.

Nobody likes that boss who drives you to pull your hair out, f* that. We allow you to go on duty & off duty whenever you want - you’re the boss who calls the shots.

3. Threads on Threads.

A basic t-shirt to deliver? Nah. We confidently & proudly deliver in style - from head to toe. Drivers who perform 35+ deliveries in consecutive weeks earn their own deep, dope, Street Team wardrobe.

4. Mealeo Wheel-eos.

We appreciate you starting in your own vehicle, but drivers who deliver like a monster (perform on time deliveries week after week) could be earning themselves a car promotion in just 30 days. Unlike other companies who expect you to pound your own vehicle into the ground mile after mile, day after day - we help your car maintain its value - by providing you with one of ours to drive as your own. Your personal car can hold its value - and you’ll save thousands on fuel as our cars get 36-42 mpg.

5. Mondays are Pay-Days.

You work fast - so you deserve to get paid fast. You’ll receive payment for each task you perform, every Monday. Prefer to get paid even sooner? We can do that for a small processing fee.

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we don't wear capes at Mealeo - but we're not ruling it ouT.

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